Nigel Twumasi
Nigel Twumasi is a former software engineer turned creative entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of mayamada, a manga brand set within a universe of original characters and stories. He also organized an industry recognized community gaming event called GamePad. Since 2015 his team has worked to promote diversity and inclusion through video games. The event also provides a platform for young people from under-represented groups to gain experience in video games with online and physical events.


95-Gabrielle Dennis on 'Luke Cage', Danielle DeNicola on Cosply, and Nigel Twumasi on 'Hot Lunch'
130-Susan Eisenberg on 'Justice League VS The Fatal Five' and Nigel Twumasi on 'Hot Lunch'
193-Manga with Nigel Twumasi-Acting with Aaron Dalla Villa-"Butcher Queen” with Jim Ousley
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