Episode 331

Remembering Kevin Conroy with Susan Eisenberg and Dan Riba


What's Inside 413 0:00  SEG 1 Nicole Maines talks about writing the new “Suicide Squad” series from DC Comics as
What's Inside 412 0:00  SEG 1 Writer and script coordinator Aaron Wiener talks about his work on “Resident Alien” and
What's Inside 411 0:00  SEG 1 Matthew Waterson talks about voicing Magneto in X-Men ‘97, comparing his Magneto voice to
What's Inside 410 0:00  SEG 1 Jordan Blum and Patton Oswalt talk about their new comic "Minor Threats" from Dark
What's Inside 409 0:00  SEG 1 Phil Morris talks about his acting career, the sitcom Marblehead Manor, his father Greg
What's Inside 408 0:00  SEG 1 Carole Ann Miller & Mark Kilmer talk about hosting the award-winning podcast The House
What's Inside 407 0:00  SEG 1 Writer David Pepose talks about the new Space Ghost comic, watching all the past
What's Inside 406 0:00  SEG 1 Russ Russo talks about starring in the sci-fi series Chaser now on Amazon Prime.
What's Inside 405 0:00  SEG 1 Author Alex Cherin talks about his novel "The Mighty Six-Ninety" which fictionalizes the true
What's Inside 404 0:00  SEG 1 We chat with Adrienne Barbeau about her start in show business, her role in
What's Inside 403 0:00  SEG 1 Jeff Annison, president and co-founder of Legion M, on the new William Shatner documentary
What's Inside 402 0:00  SEG 1 Michael Harrah from The Hero Complex talks about the new space opening in St.

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