Episode 331

Remembering Kevin Conroy with Susan Eisenberg and Dan Riba


What's Inside 396 0:00  SEG 1 Janelle Brimer talks about the newest Matthew Vaughn movie ‘Argylle’. Follow Janelle everywhere at
What's Inside 395 0:00  SEG 1 Michael Uslan talks about celebrating the 35th anniversary of the 1989 ‘Batman’ film, teaching
What's Inside 394 0:00  SEG 1 Len Uhley talks about his very first IMDB credit for a show called ‘Holmes
What's Inside 393 0:00  SEG 1 Nicole Maines talks about attending the Superman Celebration in Metropolis, her favorite movie, being
What's Inside 392 0:00  SEG 1 Chris McQuillen talks about the January 14th ToyMan Toy Show at the Machinists Hall
What's Inside 391 0:00  Author Victor Gischler talks about his novel ‘Gun Monkeys’ which has been adapted into the movie
What's Inside 390 0:00 SEG 1 Roy Thomas, an American comic book writer and editor, who was Stan Lee's first
What's Inside 389   0:00 SEG 1 Amber Jones talks about her documentary about voice actor Bill Scott, who voiced
What's Inside 388   0:00 SEG 1 D.G. Chichester talks about returning to the Daredevil comics in a series called
What's Inside 387 0:00 SEG 1 Mike Carlin talks about being Mark Gruenwald’s assistant editor, being a fan of comics
What's Inside 386   0:00 SEG 1 Writer and artist Jerry Ordway talks about the 30th Anniversary of ‘The Return
What's Inside 385   0:00 SEG 1 Stan Berkowitz talks about watching George Reeves as Superman when he was a

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