Episode 259

Legendary Voice Actor Pat Fraley on TMNT, GI Joe, Unicon, and Coaching


What's Inside 259 Pat Fraley (https://patfraley.com/) talks about his upcoming appearance at Unicon in Las Vegas October 1st-3rd, 2021 (https://www.unicon.vegas/),
What's Inside 258   Herdis Stefansdottier (https://www.herdisstefansdottir.com/) talks about composing the music for the FX on Hulu show “Y: The
What's Inside 257   Adam Hall, the brand manager for Boulevard Brewing (https://www.boulevard.com/), talks about their new Space Camper IPA
What's Inside 256   Writer/Director/Producer Joel Soisson (https://twitter.com/JoelSoisson) talks about his film “My Best Worst Adventure”. Video game legend Walter
What's Inside 255   Barbara Friedlander (https://twitter.com/BarbaraFriedla2) talks about being a trailblazer at DC Comics in the early days when
What's Inside 254   Writer/Director Mike Cuenca (https://twitter.com/MikeCuenca_) talks about his movie "Like a Dirty French Novel", which is a
What's Inside 253   Actress Hannah Kat Jones (https://hannahkatjones.com/) talks about what it was like playing Harley Quinn in the
What's Inside   Host James Enstall and producer Joey Vosevich have a spoiler-filled discussion about their history with The Suicide
What's Inside 252   Mike Davenport (https://twitter.com/marvel_mmo) talks about The Marvel Universe Online (https://themarveluniverseonline.com/), an open-world version of the Marvel
What's Inside 251   First we talk to Chris McQuillen about next Sunday's ToyMan Show at the Bridgeton Machinists Hall,
What's Inside 250   0:00 SEGMENT 1: Kathy Garver (http://www.kathygarver.com/) talks about her very 1st voiceover audition, “Spider-Man and His
What's Inside 249   Tracey Birdsall (http://www.traceybirdsall.com/) talks about appearing in the 2nd season of the Netflix sketch comedy show

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Pensacon 2021 (Review)

Pensacon 2021 (Review)

Anyone who has listened to my radio show over the past year knows that one of the things I sorely missed during 2020 was comic cons....

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