Episode 282

‘Peacemaker’ with Kevin Kiner- ‘Fear Street 1978’s Jacqi Vene


What's Inside 282   Composer Kevin Kiner (https://kevinkiner.com/) talks about creating the sound for the HBO series ‘Peacemaker’ (https://www.hbomax.com/coming-soon/peacemaker) and
  WHAT'S INSIDE 281   Actor Chloe Traicos talks about starring in ‘Introducing Jodea’, ‘The Righteous Gemstones’, and growing up
What's Inside 280   Composer Andrew Lockington (http://www.andrewlockington.com/) talks about the music for ‘The Mayor of Kingstown’ starring Jeremy Renner
What's Inside 279   Comic artist Rick Burchett, Larry Quiggins of Bug's Comics and Games, and writer Ron Marz share
What's Inside 278   Harry Potter and Doctor Who actor Simon Fisher-Becker (https://twitter.com/fisherbecker) talks about his book ‘Let Zygons Be
What's Inside 277   Actor Josh Keaton (https://twitter.com/joshkeaton) talks about voicing iconic characters such as Spider-Man and Captain America, being
What's Inside 276   0:00 SEG 1- Chris McQuillen talks about the December 12th ToyMan Toy Show (https://toymanshow.com/) coming to
What's Inside 275   Peter Jessop talks about the Kickstarter for his new animated series called ‘Hard Drive’. Support the
What's Inside 274   Gary Jones talks about his prolific film career including working on special effects for ‘Evil Dead
What's Inside 273   Paul, Grant, and Rob from Cloud 9 Comics and More talk about buying people’s comic and
What's Inside 272   Isabelle Engman & Gerardo Garcia Jr. talk about creating the music for The Amazon Original Blumhouse
What's Inside 271   Paula Rhodes, James’ former co-worker and Hazelwood Central grad, talks about becoming a working actor in

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