Episode 217

Marvel’s Sr. VP. of Publishing, Tom Brevoort-DC’s “Stargirl” with Eric Goins


What's Inside 204   Shaun Ayala (https://twitter.com/ShaunAyala) of http://www.playmotu.com/ on creating a He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Featuring
 What's Inside 203   Adele Pomerenke (https://www.adelepomerenke.com/) on being a working actor and ballerina Producer Brian Volk-Weiss (https://www.instagram.com/brianvolkweiss/) on
 What's Inside 202   Actor Erik Fellows (https://twitter.com/ErikFellows) on his new film “Break Even”, Days of Our Lives, and
What's Inside 201   Actor and playwright June Carryl (https://www.instagram.com/junecarryl/) talks about playing Dr. Louise Hastings on the Hulu original
What's Inside 200   Legendary producer and writer Alan Burnett (https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0122334/) talks about his career creating some of the most
What's Inside 199   Legendary voice actor Rob Paulsen (https://twitter.com/yakkopinky) on surviving throat cancer, writing a memoir, and Hulu bringing
What's Inside 198   The voice of Wonder Woman, Susan Eisenberg (https://susaneisenbergvoice.com), returns to talk about “Justice League” reunions and
What's Inside 197   Actor Mark Pellegrino (https://twitter.com/MarkRPellegrino) and Internet Attorney Andrew Rossow (https://twitter.com/RossowEsq) on their anti-bullying reality series called
What's Inside 196   Laura Summer (https://twitter.com/LoveThatLaura) on her acting career, especially her role as Janine on "The Real Ghostbusters"
What's Inside 195   Jonathan Greasley (https://twitter.com/winstondeath) and Gregory King of https://www.kingsoundworks.com/ talk about their work on theHulu Original Film
What's Inside 194   New York Times Best Selling Author Kyle Higgins (https://twitter.com/KyleDHiggins) on the Kickstarter for the graphic novel
What's Inside 193   Nigel Twumasi of Mayamada (https://twitter.com/mayamada) on their new manga “Serious: Through the Fog” (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mayamada/serious-an-empowering-survival-adventure-for-all-ages) Aaron Dalla

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