Episode 215

“The Queen’s Gambit” with Ryan Wichert-Big River Comic Con with Debbie Logue


What's Inside 191   Lonzo Starr (https://twitter.com/Lonzo_Starr) on creating Konkret Comics (https://twitter.com/KonkretComics) James Gavise (https://twitter.com/JamesGavsie) from the “Who Would Win”
What's Inside 190   Bret Hoffman on what Marcus Theatres (https://www.marcustheatres.com/) has done to re-open safely during Covid and his
What's Inside 189   Associate Professor, Political Science Travis D. Smith, PhD of Concordia University (https://www.concordia.ca/artsci/polisci/faculty.html?fpid=travis-smith) discusses his book “Superhero
What's Inside 188   Singer/songwriter/producer Alina Smith (https://twitter.com/thealinasmith) on her new single “Girl That Was Perfect” (https://music.apple.com/us/album/girl-that-was-perfect-single/1526381419), her podcast “Crossover
What's Inside 187   D.G. Chichester (https://twitter.com/dgchichester) talks about what he wished he could have done with Daredevil, his time
What's Inside 186   D.G. Chichester (https://twitter.com/dgchichester) talks about his career at Marvel, working with Clive Barker, co-creating the character
What's Inside 185   Tony Morales (http://tonymoralesmusic.com/) talks about scoring the latest version of the classic series and film “The
What's Inside 184   Rebekah Miskin (https://www.instagram.com/bekahmiskin/) on creating her show “Night Owl” (https://nightowl.vhx.tv/) Jesse Camacho (https://twitter.com/jesse115115) on getting the
What's Inside 183   Grammy winning composer Nora Kroll-Rosenbaum (https://www.norakroll-rosenbaum.com/) talks about scoring the new Quibi show “Don’t Look Deeper”
What's Inside 182   Emmy Award winner Deborah Barylski on casting shows like “Home Improvement”, “Arrested Development”, and “Just Shoot
What's Inside 181   Julie Murphy (http://www.imjuliemurphy.com/) on working with Valiant Comics for her new book “Faith Taking Flight” AND
What's Inside 180   Actress Rena Owen (https://www.instagram.com/renaowen/) on her background in theatre, how important the arts are during trying

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