Episode: 276

What’s Inside 276


0:00 SEG 1- Chris McQuillen talks about the December 12th ToyMan Toy Show (https://toymanshow.com/) coming to the Machinists Hall in Bridgeton, Missouri.

11:30 SEG 2-Eleanor Lambert (https://eleanorlambert.net/) talks about her movie ‘Time Now’, the importance of filming in Detroit, what it was like growing up with Christopher Lambert and Diane Lane as parents, and whether acting was what she always wanted to do.

27:03 SEG 3-Eleanor Lambert (https://www.instagram.com/ello_kitty/) talks about how she’d like to see her film career go.

33:56 SEG 4-Mina Sundwall (https://twitter.com/MinaSundwall) talks about the 3rd season of ‘Lost in Space’ streaming on Netflix now, whether the wire work stunts were scary, getting the chance to direct, trying new things without fear of embarrassment, and being a psychology major.

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