Episode: 353

What’s Inside 353

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0:00 SEG 1 Voice actor, Roger Craig Smith, on his early standup career, transitioning to voice acting, meeting fans, his love of photography, recognizing cosplay based on his work, seeing friends at cons, following in the footsteps of Kevin Conroy, the best part of recording voices for video games, and finding the voice for a new character


23:14 SEG 2 Actor, Henry Thomas, talks about working with Mike Flanagan, becoming Jack Nicholson in ‘Dr. Sleep’, playing Norman Bates in ‘Psycho 4’, staying grounded in Hollywood, what makes ‘E.T’. resonate 40 years later, his love for medieval history, and working on ‘Suicide Kings’ with Christopher Walken


39:55 SEG 3 Artist, David Mack, talks about his art style, how Kabuki got his start on Daredevil, the amount of collaboration with Disney+, being nominated for an Emmy for his work on Jessica Jones, writing a children’s book, and his favorite writers he has worked with



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