Episode: 357

What’s Inside 357

0:00 SEG 1 Actor Eric Nelsen talks about auditioning for ‘1883’, going through cowboy camp with showrunner Taylor Sheridan, avoiding saddle rash, working with Sam Elliott, when he felt like he made it, whether he likes watching his work, and making ‘1883’ on location.


17:48 SEG 2 Eric Nelsen talks about partnering with Bucking Bull Bourbon https://buckingbullbourbon.com/ and lending his voice to a few Lucasfilm video games

28:42 SEG 3 Laura Alemán talks about wanting to always become a performer even while growing up in Puerto Rico, being a producer, how she got into doing stunts, and getting cast in ‘Casa Grande’ on Freevee.


40:57 SEG 4 Laura Alemán talks about her short film ‘The Outfit’, training with the Puerto Rican Ballet, and when she feels the most comfortable.

James and Joey also give a quick review of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’


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