Episode: 367

What’s Inside 367

0:00 SEG 1 Lilian Sue talks about the Crowdfundr for her book, ‘Publicity Prescription’, how she get started in PR, the 2 biggest problems creative people have with social media, how the SAG-AFTRA strike is affecting how artists can promote their projects, crafting the publicity around the project, avoiding the spaghetti approach, helping out small businesses and entrepreneurs, and why she chose to go with Crowdfundr instead of Kickstarter


19:20 SEG 2 Brad Meltzer and Susan Eisenberg discuss Brad’s new book, ‘I Am Wonder Woman’.

Buy it now https://amzn.to/44rJAWh

Brad and Susan also talk about what contributions artists and writers at DC are incorporated in the book, naming the characters in his novels after deep-cut comic book characters, switching between a book about Nazis and a kid’s book, and crying while writing the Mr. Rogers book

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