Episode: 387

What’s Inside 387

0:00 SEG 1 Mike Carlin talks about being Mark Gruenwald’s assistant editor, being a fan of comics at heart, liking humor in his comics, making comics fun again, DC and Marvel doing a crossover with their characters with Amalgam Comics, The Death of Superman making the front page of newspapers, the 90’s being a crazy time for comics, and meeting Jerry Siegel, the co-creator of Superman


23:30 SEG 2 Mike Carlin talks about what it was like editing a large group of books all at once, hiring great people, keeping track of continuity within all the comics, appearing in the Batman Adventures comic series as a villain, working in animation in 2011, studying art and interning at DC, and going to the School of Visual Arts with Dan Riba and working with him ever since.

40:25 SEG 3 Working on Star Trek comics for DC, DC taking themselves too seriously, the Blue Beetle movie, and whether the multiverse is a gimmick.

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