Episode: 394

What’s Inside 394

0:00  SEG 1 Len Uhley talks about his very first IMDB credit for a show called ‘Holmes and YoYo’, taking 10 years to make it as an overnight success, working on Disney afternoons, being nominated for Emmys, his love for Darkwing Duck, and voice actress June Foray.


16:20 SEG 2 Len Uhley talks about working for Kids WB, X-Men: The Animated Series, combatting writer’s block, being a comic book fan growing up, having a smaller budget on X-Men compared to Batman, and which shows he would have enjoyed working on.


41:22 SEG 3 Len Uhley talks about working on the show The Batman, Green Lantern being his favorite character growing up, meeting celebrity voice actors, why it’s weird growing up in LA, growing up reading Archie comics and then moving on to DC Comics, and why villains are fun to write.

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