Episode: 291

What’s Inside 291


Jim Piddock (https://twitter.com/realjimpiddock) talks about his memoir ‘Caught With My Pants Down And Other Tales From a Life in Hollywood’ and what it’s like to be in some of the biggest projects ever made in the past 40 years. Order the book from his website at https://jimpiddock.com/

0:00 SEG 1 Jim Piddock talks about what inspired him to write the book ‘Caught With My Pants Down’, working with just about everyone in Hollywood, staying busy during the pandemic, not know his whole family was involved in show business until his late 20’s, why his grandfather didn’t sign a contract with Charlie Chaplin, not being afraid to name names in his book, and correcting bad behavior on set.

16:05 SEG 2 Jim Piddock talks about voicing Alfred Pennyworth, how easy it is to get along with voice actors, meeting Rob Paulsen, and voice matching Rowan Atkinson in Lion King projects.

27:25 SEG 3 Jim Piddock talks about writing ‘Family Tree’, being thrown in the deep after ‘Lethal Weapon 2’ was such a big success, appearing in the biggest shows of all time but still being unrecognizable, whether he watches the projects he appears in, becoming a fan of ‘Dollhouse’ and ‘Party Down’, and researching shows before appearing on them.

45:00 SEG 4 Jim Piddock (https://www.instagram.com/jimpiddock/) talks about what actors he wished he could work with, making friends with Eric Idle, being a Whovian, and being sore about not yet appearing in a Harry Potter film.

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